Better Payments are Possible.

It's why you chose Lightning. We help you unleash it.

Dynamic Liquidity Management

Start receiving payments quickly, explore prices, and manage liquidity deployment efficiently.

High-Performance Payments

Optimize your payments with minimal fees, swift transactions, and unmatched reliability.

Unparalleled Reporting & Analytics

For unparalleled insights into transaction flows, fee structures, and better business decisions

In a World Driven by Data, Analytics Holds the Key.

The Lightning Network is unlocking a new era of payments, enabling speed, scale, and microtransactions on top of Bitcoin's base layer.

From streaming micropayments to machine-to-machine transactions, Lightning provides the speed and cost efficiency needed for Bitcoin to gain widespread adoption.

Using Amboss, you can optimize your utilization of the Lightning Network. By analyzing both local and network-level metrics, you can enhance resource allocation, increase speed, and reduce costs.


Navigating the Network

The most extensive explorer available

Analytics & API at Your Fingertips

Our comprehensive platform and API brings together real-time data, historical insights, node and edge information, and unique social data to provide a multifaceted view of the Lightning Network.

Live Network View

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time access to our dynamically updating graph. It presents the most recent network data, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Actively monitoring more than 18,000 nodes and 75,000 channels on the Lightning Network.

In-Depth Node Information

Get detailed insights into individual nodes. Our API delivers extensive information about each nodes activities, enhancing your understanding of the lightning landscape.


Channel Insights

Explore connections deeper with our edge information, which provides valuable data about the relationships between nodes.


Journey Through Time

Understand trends over time with our comprehensive historical data, helping you make informed decisions based on past patterns and fluctuations.

Years of historical information indexed for channels and nodes.

The Social Dimension: Beyond Servers

Innovative social information features, offering a new perspective on the Lightning Network and a richer understanding of the network dynamics.


verified node owners




community members

The Magma Liquidity Marketplace

The most liquid Liquidity marketplace for Bitcoin

Get Connected to the Network and earn Bitcoin

As an experienced or novice network participant, get connected and start receiving payments at the speed of light. As a liquidity provider offer your services, open channels to buyers and start earning non-custodial yield.

Easy to Use

The simplest way to buy and sell liquidity.


Start receiving instant payments.


Start earning Bitcoin for providing a service.

Reputation Based

Find high quality sellers and buyers.

Get Connected

As an experienced or new participant get connected to the Bitcoin Lightning Network with ease.

Establish your node, open connections, and begin to receive instant transactions.

Buyer Image

1. Find the Best Price

Venture into the most liquid liquidity marketplace.

As liquidity providers compete to offer the best service, you're assured of finding excellent offers.

2. Get Connected

Choose your preferred liquidity offer and open an order.

The process of getting seamlessly connected to the Lightning Network is now underway!

3. Start Receiving Payments

With your newly opened connections you can now start receiving payments at the speed of light.

Offer Services

Offer your liquidity to the network and get paid in Bitcoin.

Help participants receive instant payments on the Lightning Network.

Seller Image

1. Join the Market

Enter the most liquid liquidity marketplace and start offering your services.

Gain exposure to a wide audience of participants, showcasing what you bring to the table. Set your fees and your conditions and start selling liquidity.

2. Receive Orders

Feel the rush of a new order. Every request signifies a participant's trust in your services, validating your role in this dynamic ecosystem.

Our platform ensures a smooth, clear communication of orders, so you're always ready to act.

3. Deploy Liquidity

Receive an order, and it's time to deploy your liquidity.

Respond to the market demand of instant payment infrastructure, grow your reputation and see more orders arrive.

Magma Metrics


Connections Made


Bitcoin Deployed


Sats in Earned Fees

Unleash the Power of Lightning Data

Highly Performant Data Rich GraphQL API

Empowering Critical Decisions with Data.

Dive into the ocean of information with our comprehensive Lightning GraphQL API. Find current and historical information on nodes and channels plus additional datasets.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind

Our API delivers an unmatched level of access to the Lightning Network. Gather data from all nodes and channels, discovering a wealth of insights that are crucial for decision-making.

Whether you're analyzing trends

Monitoring performance, or strategizing for the future, our API serves as your data backbone. Tap into the full potential of the Lightning Network with Amboss.


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Harness the immense potential of the Lightning Network with Amboss.

We offer groundbreaking analytics for an optimized, efficient, and cost-effective experience, enabling Bitcoin's widespread adoption. Don't be left behind in the financial revolution. Explore new horizons with us.

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