Health Checks

💚 Health Checks

Keep your nodes uptime in check!


Amboss provides an uptime monitoring service, which works by users sending Amboss pings based on a routine schedule. Amboss send notifications based on changes in the online status i.e. when Amboss stops receiving expected pings.

To enable this feature, navigate to the Account > Monitoring (opens in a new tab) settings and enable health checks. Without receiving any pings, Amboss will report that your node is OFFLINE. To start sending pings, enable Healthchecks in Thunderhub (LND) or use a simple script to send the healthcheck pings (for CLN users) (opens in a new tab).

Users have the option to make their node's online status publicly viewable for everyone or keep it private. Users sharing their online status may want to set up a Watchtower.


In the Amboss API, a query is available that you can ping to let us know that your node is online. We will then keep track of your pings and let you know if we stop receiving them. This query takes a timestamp and a signature.


The timestamp should be the current UTC time in ISO format. You can see an example of this time format here (opens in a new tab).

UTC time in ISO format example: 2022-07-04T13:31:55+0000


After you have the current timestamp you must sign it with your nodes signing feature. This will return the signature that you need.


After you have the timestamp and the signature you can call our endpoint using the following query

mutation HealthCheck($signature: String!, $timestamp: String!) {
  healthCheck(signature: $signature, timestamp: $timestamp)


  "signature": "SIGNED TIMESTAMP",
  "timestamp": "UTC TIME IN ISO FORMAT"


You can configure different settings for the health checks here (opens in a new tab).


It is possible to show your uptime status on your public node page on Amboss. This will show a Online/Offline badge at the top right and public users will be able to see your past historical uptimes and downtimes.


You can configure how frequently you will be pinging our endpoint. The min configurable time is one minute and the max is 60 minutes. Triggering downtime alerts that are sent to you will depend on this interval that you set. For example if you set it to 60 minutes we will notify you if the last ping we received from you was > 60min ago.


You can enable notifications for uptime and downtime events here (opens in a new tab).