🌊 Hydro
👋 Introduction


Welcome to the Hydro documentation!


Hydro, designed by Amboss Technologies, is a cutting-edge liquidity automation tool tailored to ensure uninterrupted payments based on your specific requirements.


Setting up Hydro automation for your node is a breeze:

  1. Link your Lightning node to your account.
  2. Activate notifications.
  3. Load prepaid credits into your account.
  4. Define your liquidity automation preferences.
  5. Sit back and relax; we'll handle the rest!



Pending Liquidity DemandedThis represents the liquidity that your management plans have identified as a requirement, but Hydro has yet to secure from the market.
Excess Liquidity PurchasedThis is the additional liquidity that Hydro acquired beyond what your plan specified. Such situations arise when there isn't an offer sufficiently small to match your request.
Pending Liquidity OrderedThis represents the liquidity that Hydro is actively procuring from the market.


Why do I need to connect a Lightning node?

Hydro is expertly designed to offer liquidity to Lightning nodes, ensuring seamless payment reception.

Why do I need to buy prepaid credits?

Hydro automates the liquidity purchase process, eliminating the need for you to manually handle invoices or monitor other liquidity acquisitions. Once your liquidity needs are met, the cost is conveniently deducted from your credit balance.

Why do I need to push my node's balances?

You're not required to! While pushing balances allows us to make more informed decisions about your liquidity, it's not essential for using Hydro. We offer alternative management plans that utilize only publicly available data about your node.