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Verify Twitter

Twitter Verification

Cryptographically prove that your node is operated by the listed Twitter handle.


In order to verify your Twitter handle on Amboss, the Amboss node needs to be able to see your node. To make that happen, you'll need at least one public channel that has been open for a few days. If we've seen your node, you'll already have a node page on Amboss.


To change the Not Verified tag to the Verified tag on your node's page, navigate to the Account heading. The Account section is in the menu on mobile.

Under the Info section, scroll down to Twitter Verification. Copy the public key and send it to us via a Twitter Direct Message.


Make sure you send the Direct Message from the Twitter account listed on your node page.

Signing the Message

Copy the provided message (YourPubkey-TwitterHandle) and sign it with your node.

Signing can be done with Thunderhub, Ride The Lightning (RTL), or using the command line interface.

For Umbrel users, the easiest is probably to use Thunderhub. Navigate to the Tools menu and the Message section inside. Click "Sign >" and paste the provided message in the text box and click "Sign".

Your private key is used to sign the message without exposing the private key. This proves control over the node.

Copy the signed message to Twitter and send it to us in a Direct Message.

If everything is done correctly, you should receive a response from Amboss confirming the verification. This is a manual process and may take some time.