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🔧 Widgets

Add node and network details to your site.

Use widgets to show your node or network information in your personal website. Amboss currently provides a widget for general Lightning Network information and another for a nodes details.

Lightning Network Statistics

Use this endpoint to show Lightning network statistics. (opens in a new tab)

Node Details

Use this endpoint to show nodes information.[PUBKEY] (opens in a new tab)


You can personalize the widgets by adding query params. These are the available personalizations:

ParamDefault valueAvailable options
themedarkdark, light
unitBTCBTC, USD, EUR, ...
noBackgroundfalsetrue, false

For example if you want to show network statistics in a light theme, with no background and in EUR you would use this url: (opens in a new tab)


To add a widget into your personal website you can add the url in an iframe. For example the previous widget can be added like this:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="40px" style="overflow: hidden" scrolling="no" />

Let us know if there's any widget you would find useful for us to add!